How can you find out if your taxi is indeed a legal taxi?


In accordance with EU & GR law, a taxi or minibus taxi should have the following:

    The number plates should be YELLOW and should be like the following example: TAZ–9999. In Crete the 3 letters are “TAZ” ( in Heraklion should have: “TAE”).
    The exterior colour: In Crete the exterior colour of a taxi must be (depending the registered area of work): Blue (taxis of Chania municipality) – White (Rethymnon municipality and some areas in Heraklion) – Silver or Grey (Most common colour – found in most parts of Crete).
    ALL Taxis obligate by law to be equipped with: a Taximeter,  a “Taxi” or “Radiotaxi” roof sign, a “free for hire” sign in the right side of the dashboard,  an Electronic Recognition Label - ERL - (it is a small round sticker containing a microchip, placed at one corner of the windshield)


Unescorted Elder Persons & kids transportation on Crete?

We provide reliable, responsible, both, transport and escort services for children or elder people on their every day transportation needs. We provide with the essentials such as child and baby car seats and other. 


Why i should use a taxi minibus?

The main reason is  that minibus transportation is cost effective! We can carry up to 8 person from any place you want at any time you want at a very low price!


Can I smoke during the transfer?

Smoking is prohibited by EU and GR law and our policy, mainly for safety reasons. If you wish to smoke during your trip, we can always make a couple of short stops.


If my flight is delayed, do I have to inform you, would extra charges be applied, can you wait?

We monitor the arrivals (web apllication) and are always aware of any flight changes. There will be no extra charges in case of a change of the time of your arrival. Even if your flight is about to arrive earlier than scheduled, we will try to be consistent and wait for you at the meeting point. Of cource if it's possible you can let us know if any sceduled delay will occure.


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